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With Smile With Confidence, your dentures can feel like a cushion instead of a rock bed, eliminating the pain associated with wearing dentures while securing them in place.

What is Different about our Denture Reliner Kit versus Other Reliners on the Market ?

One of the biggest advantage we have over all other Denture Reliner Kit’s on the market is that our is way easier to peel off. Often after one month in your mouth , the pink liner hardens. When it’s time to remove it from your denture, you really need to use elbow grease and a small tool to remove all the liner which can take 20 minutes and is not easy to do. You can damage your denture trying to remove the old reliner if you use sharp tool. This is not recommended.

Fortunately in our kit, we included our exclusive “ SEPRARATOR” liquid which is applied between the denture and the liner. This will create a transparent film between the two and make the reliner much easier to remove. The idea is that you can easily peel it off after every month without effort. The competing products do not have that great feature.

Do It Yourself Denture Adjustment: smart, simple and so, so soft !

Never underestimate the importance of smile in your life. Our SMILE WITH CONFIDENCE Denture Relining Cushion Kit will help you to feel the comfort when wearing your denture and you will even forgot that you are wearing it.

Safe and effective, Zinc free.

Comfortable, unoticeable seal.

Stabilizer will not dissolve when exposed to hot or cold liquids.

If unopened, will last up to three years.

Keeps out food particles.

Improves comfort for both upper and lower denture.

Multiples denture grip by two times all other brands.

Works for both old and new dentures.

Designed for at home usage.

Harmless to your gums and dentures.

Stabilizers match your gum color.

Ideal for sensitive gums.

With Smile With Confidence, your dentures can feel like a cushion instead of a rock bed, eliminating the pain associated with wearing dentures while securing them in place. This pain-free and comfortable solution is not a paste-like application; instead, it is a pink elastic layer that is an exact replica of your gum impressions.

What is the number one thing that denture wearers complain about? If you answered comfort, you are right! Whether you know from first-hand experience or you know someone who wears uncomfortable dentures, then we have the perfect solution for you!

At last there is a real solution to the problem of badly fitting or uncomfortable dentures

No, it’s not another glue, it’s a specially formulated gel called The Denture Relining Kit which actually realigns your dentures to recapture the perfect fit they had when new. The Denture Relining Kit takes into account the changing shape of your mouth an adjusts your dentures accordingly so aiding comfort and helping to prevent breakage. It’s so simple yet so effective that once applied your dentures will fit like new.

The Denture Relining Kit is soft, supple and comforting to the gums and yet because of it’s unique formulation it will hold your dentures firmly in place even under the most testing conditions.

Once applied The Denture Relining Kit unlike powders or adhesives will last for months and won’t involve you in any special cleaning routines. There’s nothing complicated about The Denture Relining Kit, anyone can apply it in minutes without fuss. So if you have dentures, ill fitting or not, it’s best to be prepared with The Denture Relining Kit the professional answer to a common dental problem. Not suitable for metal dentures.

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